This was the official website for the Cascadia restaurant in Seattle Washington. The restaurant is now permanently closed. When chef Kerry Sear closed Belltown's Cascadia to work for the luxury hotel chain, he broke the hearts of foodies everywhere.
The content below is from the site's archived pages.

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There are places we go to feel special. There are places we go to feel right at home. There are places we go to celebrate once-in-a-lifetime events. And places we go simply because it's Thursday. Enter Cascadia.

Situated in Belltown - a downtown neighborhood of lofts, nightclubs and innumerable versions of Seattle's alternative house of worship, the coffee joint - Cascadia is the creation of Chef Kerry Sear and his wife, Heidi Grathwol.

Step inside and Cascadia becomes a respite from the elements when cloudy and cool, a celebration when sunny and warm. The space is at once intimate and grand, a place to enjoy the company of one or to share with many. There is music, modern and upbeat. Colorful flowers abound. And the one-of-a-kind "rain window" provides a dreamy view of the kitchen's activities. These are the sights and sounds of good things being created.


Sophisticated and open. Familiar and timeless. At Cascadia, the setting matches your mood. Whether a dinner for two or a party for more, the atmosphere adapts.

Cascadia Patio Dining available April – September.


From start to finish, drinks to dessert, Cascadia works with talented, accomplished and approachable individuals who understand that each table is different, each person unique.


When you meet Kerry, and there's a good chance you will, the first thing you notice is his smile. It is the smile of someone doing exactly what he loves to do. Irrepressible. Enthusiastic. Slightly mischievous. Which might explain the cotton candy machine in the open pastry kitchen.

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Warwickshire, England, Kerry apprenticed at Stratford-on-Avon de Vere Hotel. He later received international acclaim during 11 years with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts in Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle.

Kerry's love of food, his love of the experience of food and of sharing that with others is visible in everything he does — from his hand sketching of the presentation of each dish right back to that smile. For Chef Kerry Sear, the fascination never subsides, his sense of wonder always apparent. Today, Kerry lives in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood with Heidi, his wife and co-owner of Cascadia, and their two boys, Sebastian and Oliver.


Food isn't about work. It isn't about rules. It is about the pure enjoyment of experiencing both the new and the familiar, and being surprised each and every time. Chef Sear brings together best-source ingredients from Northwest-grown herbs to seafood fresh from Pike Place Market a few blocks away, and from Midwest-raised beef to a robust sea salt gathered in France and infused with lemon right in our kitchen.

Carmelized spice rubbed wild king salmon. Fenugreek crusted spring lamb. Roasted fennel seeds and huckleberry syrup. Beef tenderloin grilled pure and simple. Some menu items change with the seasons, others remain like old friends. Start with your favorite cocktail or discover our signature alpine martini, and always, always save room for dessert. Your tastes. Your choice. Bring it on.

The mood is set. The service, smooth. The food arrives. Your senses react. Chef Sear allows each ingredient to speak for itself while harmonizing with others. The result is food you'll want to share, yet keep for yourself.


Whenever you hear people speak of "the place to be," this is that place — The Bar & Lounge at Cascadia. This is the place where you can bask in sunlight pouring through 20-foot high windows or enjoy our outdoor patio in summer. This is the place where you'll find our truly one-of-a-kind Alpine Martini complete with a handmade snowball. And yes — oh, yes — this is the place for Cascadia Miniburgers, cooked to perfection and served to order in ones, twos, threes, fives, tens — you get the idea. Keep them pure (classic beef hanger steak with Vermont cheddar) or go grand (bbq'd lobster, anyone?). 

Come early or late. Happy Hour runs from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday with food and drink also available for after-theatre and late-night dining. (Children are not allowed in the Bar & Lounge, but are most welcome on the patio when open.) With menus all its own and bartenders who know how to create the perfect martini, pour the perfect scotch and pull the perfect microbrew, yep, this is the place to be. 


Sleek and modern. Quiet and comfortable. Personal and secluded. Elegance without arrogance. This is Private Dining. Stroll up the cherrywood staircase and enter a world all your own. Let the fireplace and fine art set the mood. Soak up the views of Elliott Bay. Celebrate. Entertain. Enjoy.

Featuring three-, four- and five-course menus, a diverse hors d'oeuvresmenu of hot and cold items, and wine recommendations from our sommeliers, Chef Sear and staff will deliver an unforgettable evening for business meetings, family celebrations or a casual gathering of friends. Available seven days a week, our Private Dining Room accommodates up to 20 guests for lunch or dinner and 30 for cocktails. Large groups can be accommodated in our main dining room while semi-private areas can provide even more options. We can arrange for every detail including flowers, place cards, parking, custom printed menus and more. Life is indeed good.


There are times and occasions when the usual table for two or four or eight isn’t enough. Never fear. Inside or out, intimate or lavish, a quiet lunch or a full-blown party for several hundred of your closest friends, Cascadia is here. Kerry and staff stand ready to create singular events by drawing on years of experience, service as smooth as a jazz quartet and Cascadia's extraordinary food. Create a menu specific to your event by choosing selections from one of our three-course, four-course or five-course menus as well as our hors d'oeuvres menu, and receive wine suggestions from our sommelier or select your own. 

Cascadia’s 5,120 square-foot floor plan accommodates up to 120 guests for lunch or dinner. The restaurant is available for private parties and events seven days a week. Cascadia also caters off-site functions. Whether at the restaurant or elsewhere — from food to flowers, music to wine, parking to custom printed menus — Cascadia delivers personal attention to every detail. Tell us exactly what you need or simply what you want. The memories begin now.